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Terms of use


  • The Uni Graz Account for students is your access to uniIT services of the University of Graz.
  • The Uni Graz Account is designed for activities in the context of studying, teaching and research at the University of Graz.
  • The aim of these terms of use is to provide an interference-free, efficient and comfortable use of uniIT’s facilities for all people authorised through a Uni-Graz-Account.

Intended use

  • The facilities of uniIT are exclusively intended for carrying out the tasks of the University of Graz. Please handle all of uniIT’s devices with care and leave your workplace clean and tidy.
  • Only uniIT staff or the responsible unit are allowed to carry out troubleshooting on devices, especially multi-function devices. 
  • Privately owned devices that comply with the security policy for computers and networks as well as eduroam policies (including the latest security updates, virus-free, secured against unauthorised access, updated anti-virus software) can be operated in the WiFis offered by uniIT.
  • Students can work for their study in our IT rooms for free. Please leave the room punctually and without prior request (15 minutes beforehand) in the event of an announced booking (courses, examinations, etc.). The room is used as electronically announced in the room timetable or as on display.
  • Do not forget to log out before leaving the device.

Unauthorised use

  • It is strictly prohibited to alter uniIT’s facilities and devices! Do not plug out any devices or plug in your device into any sockets that are not marked as suitable for the particular purpose!
  • Our facilities and devices are exclusively available to authorised persons, and login details or possibilities must not be made available to other persons.
  • It is not allowed to use them for commercial or trading purposes.
  • Excessive use for private or business purposes is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to use them for illegal activities or for gaining unauthorised access to systems, software, services or information.
  • It is forbidden to forward messages that compromise public order and safety or public decency, or violate the law.
  • It is also forbidden to use our devices to harass or intimidate other users.
  • Unauthorised reproduction and distribution of software and data as well as any kind of use that breaches Copyright Law are forbidden.

Duties of the user

  • The user must observe the Terms of Use and follow the instructions of authorised personnel.
  • The user must ensure that the network infrastructure and provided services are not illicitly used by third parties.
  • The user is fully responsible for the use of their user authorisation. It is forbidden to pass on your user authorisation to other persons.  Principally, users must keep their password secret and change it from time to time.
  • The user is obliged to inform uniIT if they suspect any other users of misusing their own or other people’s user authorisation.
  • The user declares themself willing to support uniIT and organisations collaborating with uniIT in the event of an investigation into unauthorised uses or damage.
  • If a user uses uniIT’s services to gain access to other networks or services, then they must also comply with the rules for this other network and possible intermediate networks (e.g. ACOnet policy).
  • The user can be made accountable and liable for any damage to Uni-Graz-Account, its services and services provided by third parties, if such damage is caused by the user during their use of it.
  • The user shall take due care to use the Uni Graz Account reasonably and economically.
  • The user must not interfere with the infrastructure.
  • Illegal reproduction of uniIT’s EDP software is forbidden.   Should illegal copies have been made, the user shall be liable for any licensor’s claims against uniIT.

Withdrawal of user authorisation

  • uniIT reserves the right to discontinue the user’s active network connections, if any illegal use is discovered or in the case of imminent danger.
  • Should the offence be repeated by the user, their user authorisation will be withdrawn. 
  • In the event of minor offences, the user will be informed in an e-mail. If the user does not respond within the deadline stated in the e-mail, their Uni Graz Account will be locked after expiry of the time period.


Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2240

Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 16:00

Infopoint RESOWI:
Mo-Fr: 08:00-18:00
Infopoint WALL:
Mon and Thu: 9:00 – 11:30

For opening hours during holidays, please note the service announcements.

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