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Describes how to create and use a VPN connection to the University of Graz’s network using Ubuntu 14.04/16.04.

What you need

Long information with screenshots (only in german)

 VPN Netzzugang unter Linux am Beispiel Ubuntu

Essentials in short 14.04

  1. Install "openconnect" via the software center.
  2. Select VPN connections » configure VPN ... from the network’s menu.
  3. Generate ... a compatible VPN connection (openconnect) to Cisco AnyConnect.
  4. Please use the following access data:
    • Gateway: univpn.uni-graz.at
    • Group: Students
    • Username: UNIGRAZonline-username@stud.ad.uni-graz.at
    • Password: UNIGRAZonline password

Essentials in short 16.04

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Install “openconnect”. (sudo apt-get install openconnect)
  3. Start openconnect. (sudo openconnect univpn.uni-graz.at)
  4. Please use the following access data: 
    • Group: Students
    • Username: UNIGRAZonline-username@stud.ad.uni-graz.at
    • Password: UNIGRAZonline password
  5. Wait for the connection to set up (DTLS connection set up...) 
  6. To disconnect, use hot key ctrl+c


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For opening hours during holidays, please note the service announcements.

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