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Good news for English-speaking students

Freitag, 20.10.2017

Do you need software for your studies? Don’t know where to print your course notes? Information about IT services are now available in English!

Over the summer, UNI-IT has set up the English version of it.uni-graz.at. All the information about IT services for students at the University of Graz can now be accessed by switching to English in the upper right corner of the page or by accessing it.uni-graz.at/en/. The translation includes the essential short guides for all services as well, which are sufficient for a lot of questions concerning the setup of devices or quick questions. You can now catch on about workplaces at the campus, find out about the WiFi eduroam, or have a look at the instructions on Moodle.

In case of questions or if you have feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Did you know that …

  • … we receive 60 million e-mails per year?
  • … 12 million prints, copies and scans were made last year?
  • … a total of 850 TB storage space is managed by UNI-IT?

Check out more facts here!

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